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Ask yourself - do you have a lot of spare time at work and want more to do, or...
Any organisation has a finite number of managers, and these managers can address the organisation’s needs for only a limited amount of hours per day.
Our Multi Tasking app helps demonstrate how time can be saved, and how more can be achieved by reducing multi tasking. It is a great 1st step to dealing with the ultimate constraint management and to improve white collar productivity...
Do you have more than enough to do at work and need more time to do what you want...
The obvious conclusion is that for any organisation, the management capacity available for giving attention to address the organisation’s needs is finite...
On the other hand in almost any organisation, there are plenty of things that require management attention...
You have more than enough? IF this seems more true try our app it could free up 2 to 3 hours more a day!
In most organisations it is evident that management attention is a bottleneck - the demand exceeds the capacity available...
by Eli Goldratt Unfinished book 2011
Free up 2 to 3 hours a day
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